Monday, December 5, 2011

a little fashion fun

Ok ok ok, this blog is getting too serious. We haven't had anything fun or design-inspired in too long (not that I don't love discussing literature and the weather). But I have acquired a lovely new fashion accessory to brighten up the navy-grey abyss that is my closet. I have never been very enthralled with purses made to look like other things, like fuzzy monkey backpacks or shoe-shaped clutches. However, I just couldn't pass up this bright orange and cotton ric-rac gem (free, of course) of a pig purse. I don't know why, but I really love it and have found myself pre-planning outfits to go along with the bag. Whose name, by the way, is Gertrude Swine. (Because she carries my books so nicely in her little zippered tummy).

Creepy? Maybe. But it's accessory love. So here is the real thing, above, plus un p'tit dessin of moi avec le sac cochon, looking very chic. (Maybe not).

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