Tuesday, December 6, 2011

calendar timeline de ma vie

Simply because I am so very excited for several things: quickly! here is my life:
December 15 - finals DONE home to Santa Cruz.
January 8 - Back to school.
May 3 - Finish School year.
June 2 - Off to London! Oxford, etc.

I know it is preemptive, but I have been doodling packing lists like crazy in my notebooks, as is my traveling habit, and figuring out how to compile maps and places and trains and things to see. In the meantime I am writing papers like crazy (Six 2-3 pagers last night alone) and drinking lattes to save my life. I wore jeans today for the first time in weeks (at least they are cute jeans) and finally succumbed to bringing my hand-me-down from grandfather blue-jay dusk cashmere sweater outside of my room. I wear it almost every day when I get home, but today it was just too cozy to take off. Threw on converse with it to pretend it's retro-funk day, but really I am just exhausted.

Here's a few vintage underground posters, since I don't have the wherewithall to upload any new drawings at the moment.
"Lure of the Underground" is my favorite - there certainly isn't a Lure of the El.


  1. Cant believe you have the werewithal to load vintage posters or to WRITE YOUR BLOG... you are amazing. Love those posters especially the people being sucked into the underground. Hope they are MINDING THE GAP. Get some sleep and BON CHANCE on all of the papers.
    xoxox mom