Monday, November 21, 2011

kitchen countertops

Sat at the counter in the kitchen this morning, drinking coffee with a little bit of cardamon in it and eating raspberries and fresh-out-of-the oven pumpkin muffins.

Reading bits out of a book of my mother's: Stuff Parisians Like, Discovering the Quoi in Je Ne Sais Quoi by Olivier Magny.

"Thinking differently in Paris does not imply radical or in-depth questionings. Thinking differently simply implies appearing to be thinking differently. In Paris, this takes the form of having theories. Parisians have an opinion about most things, thus making it clear they have a significant knowledge about most things in life.

Having theories takes this to the next level. Theories prove that not only does the Parisian have more information and knowledge than other people, but he also processed that information through his own personal filter. The superiority filter." - the "Having Theories" chapter.

Magny even includes useful tips at the close of each little chapter. His Having Theories tip?
Use theories with parsimony, at the risk of appearing as an adept of conspiracy theories, which is a brutal form of disgrace in Paris.

Want to sound like a Parisian, too? Moi, j'ai une theorie: les gens qui portent des pantalons a pince . . . "I have a theory about men who wear pants with apparent folds on each leg . . ."

Charment, n'est-ce pas?


  1. Charmant, c'est vrai! Le livre est amusant. Tu doit lire, dit votre maman.

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