Saturday, November 5, 2011

a french market saturday

Handmade leather wallets in every color imaginable - I especially love the blue ones.
Freshly baked pretzel bread in all shapes and sizes, stacked in piles across four tables - and also my favorite thing to get for Sunday dinner.
Jessina (with a coffee sample from I Have A Bean). The roses were particularly beautiful this morning.
Beautiful produce, esp. the berries, in their little blue cardboard baskets.
The market sits underneath fiberglass roofs, to keep off rain, in a myriad of cheerful colors. I think this weekend is about the last time I can go anywhere bare-legged and without socks.
My blueberry and cream-cheese croissant from Suzette's Creperie's stall (accompanied this morning by an I Have A Bean caramel latte). Maybe I went back after a quick trip to the library and bought another for later, maybe not.

I love the Wheaton French Market, finished as of today until next spring. I can walk the mile or so with a friend or by myself, get something for breakfast, and then peruse. There are bags and scarves, jewelry and stationary, books and produce and olive oil and flowers, and I can photograph freely to my heart's content. I already cannot wait for spring, when it will be open again.

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