Thursday, November 10, 2011

and then the cold came

This is probably a premature post, because it is only 35 F outside right now, hardly weather to scream about, but still. And no snow has hit Wheaton yet, and the forecast is in the forties for another week or so, but still.
It happened.
I'm cold.
Last night I was in the city for my Writing Chicago class (we are reading Joanne Diaz's The Lessons, and it is WONDERFUL) which we had in the Harold-Washington Library over on State St. I love that library, with its 12 floors and beautiful artwork and a glass-roofed Winter Garden on top. So I was all bundled up in black and navy like a ChicagoWinterNinja, but it wasn't too bad out, and then - suddenly - SNOWFLAKES. And not the soft and fluffy stickin' kind, neither. The hard little crummy kind that sort of looks like rain and clusters in the gutter before melting, ashamed of their failure to become fully snow. Pffff.

Anyway, here is another supah great style blog, a la Urban Weeds and The Sartorialist, but this one is from Denmark and it's called THE LOCALS. Every time I think I have enough blogs to trawl regularly, another gem is discovered . . .

If you need a musical pick-me-up, here is one of my favorite little French songs from Pink Martini, "Sympathique."

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  1. je ne peux pas attendre ecouter la musique! ET J'adore la ligne, "enough blogs to trawl regularly, another gem is discovered..."
    Reste bien!