Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The maples in the green behind my dorm are beautiful.
Central campus.
Williston dormitory in all its brick-y glory.
One week from now, the bikes will be mired in fallen leaves.
The bushes right outside my window - it looks like they've dropped rose petals, but those are all once-green leaves.

When I was little I used to listen to this tape of French children's songs over and over as I went to sleep. One of them was about each of the seasons - I remember the tune but not so much all of the lyrics. Something like, "l'hiver fait froid, doo doo da doo doo, il neige aussi . . . arbres . . . nez rouge . . ." Ok I really don't remember any of it. After getting back from fall break yesterday afternoon I spazz-cleaned and organized our entire room, vacuuming and re-shelving and cleaning out my desk and dusting. I now have taken the bookshelf off of my desk and double-stacked it in the corner (sewing corner is no more - too much of a disorganized distraction, although great) and now have a lovely calendar and bulletin board on the wall above my suddenly neat and spacious desk.

Aaaaaah. Now I can actually get real homework done without being distracted by mess.

It is in the forties and raining on and off today, suddenly very much fallish and sloodgey outside. But that's ok, I am ready for the cold! Brave me, no?

Here are some Autumn photos I snapped before leaving for break, now the leaves are pretty bedraggled and branches are looking bare.

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