Tuesday, October 18, 2011

afternoon at keeneland

Down in general admission with the masses. The best part is when the horses go by and everyone screams for their bets to win.
The cutest, most proper old man painting the horses on the green.
Kentucky racing fashion - some dressed to the nines, some in jeans and really cute boots.
Sweet Aunt Caroline.
Number six (my $2 bet for winner) came in second. By 12.5 seconds. Look at that lead!
Jockey height comparison: that man beside the jockey wasn't even 6 foot.
All the beautiful silks. If I had been able to see all the jockeys mount before I placed my bets, I would have bet based on racing silks design.
Sizing up the horses before placing our bets. Goldrush Girl (above) looked wily and energetic, but she didn't win for me.
She was my bet for the third race (number six again). Came in third, despite her clear eagerness to win. (Note the head-butting).
Next time, I'll come as a more savvy bet placer and wearing some serious heels.


  1. love the commentary and the pictures! mom