Thursday, October 13, 2011

the fifties know best

I have just discovered the fifties sitcom "Father Knows Best" and am watching a few episodes, since I am pretty much wrapped up with midterms. It is the perfect fifties family: Mother, Father, Bud, Betty and Kathy, and they are just smiley and chipper and respectful. What particularly amazes me is that he mom's voice manages to me motherly and soothing and melodiously sexy at the same time - I'll have to work on that womanly trait. The scripting and acting is truly a marvel - my vocabulary is expanding by the scene! I'll just type a little of the dialogue as I hear it from the episode I'm watching for you.

Kathy:"Father, Mother, I've got the most exciting news you'll never believe it!"
Father:"What I love about this family is everybody's ability to stay completely calm."
Kathy: "Well you know the school dance at the country club next weekend?"
Mother: "What about it?"
Kathy: "Bud is going!"
Father: "Impossible. That would mean he would have to take a date."
Kathy: "He's got a date! He asked her!"
Father: "Bud?"
Mother: "Our Bud?"
Father: "Our blushing, beaming boy?"
Betty: "Gee whiz!"

Doesn't it make you feel like putting on a pink dress and baking a casserole? Oh my goodness. Bud just used the phrase "great jumpin' jeepers."

Halfway through episode 2 - this show is also incredibly racist against Ethiopians and Native Americans.

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