Thursday, October 13, 2011

dessine-moi quelque chose, s'il-vous plait

Doodles and drawings from my Parfait Cahier little notebook over the last few days. I like all the windows at the bottom - I stole the idea of doodling windows from something I saw online and have been sketching them constantly today.

I've been back into creative writing a little bit, sketching out some poetry and starting a few short story projects. Here's one recent, no title yet:

I want to lay down and absorb you, earth,
Here where the autumn sky meets grass,
Where leaves are sinking
And mingling with worms and dinosaurs.
I want to be a part of everything that was beautiful,
And everything that was harsh. I want to breath
Ancient, with the surpressed breath of veils,
And dissolve into the drought-soaked sands.
I want to rise and fall with the tides of the sea, selfless,
How else can I comprehend age?
Maybe, if I can press into you, earth,
Relax my spine, my hips, the small of my back
And align myself with stone, I will be stone,
absorbed like silt and loam into the green-brown deep.


  1. Every day I look for your latest bits and pieces of creativity which burst out in unexpected places and in God-given talent.
    Thanks for sharing it all - from poetry to art to handwork to food consumption at its best.

  2. Your poetry is lovely and your sketches I adore. Anytime you want to sketch red windows and then donate them to the Sierraville house, I can begin my collection. I was just looking through some sketches you did at Northstar.