Saturday, October 8, 2011

current obsession!!!

I have no more batteries for my camera, so until I make a Target run (or schmudge some off of someone else) no photos. However, there will still be the scintillating and highly witty blog text to console you on long days at the office, or wherever it is that you read this blog from. Sarah Green (Missy and Bob's lovely daughter) came out last night to stay over at Wheaton (she is faaaaar too tall for our couch) and we ordered a pizza and went to the Improv show. For $1, Wheaton Improv is probably the best entertainment value in the area.

It is still hot hot hot and sunny here, which is lovely except for my inspiration for warm weather style lasted only until Wednesday of this week, and then I just wanted it to go back to being cold. Am I ever satisfied with the weather? Mostly I just want to wear my leather jacket again.

Took some shoes and two dresses to the Co-op across the street this morning with Sarah, and she found some sweaters and I found some great pale blue Calvin Klein shorts (yay! I get two whole days to wear them!) and a couple of pairs of new J. Crew corduroys, which I will alter a little bit and wear all winter long.

My little Singer Miracle sewing machine that I ordered over a week ago is still not here, and I have been impatiently checking CPO all week. I have a growing pile of washed and ironed cotton Oxford shirts folded in my sewing corner to create things with, and a myriad of ideas, and I have even begun to cut and pin . . . but no machine yet. Patience, young grasshopper.

Plus I need to buy thread. And new lipstick. No! The budget challenge. Just thread then. Here are the thieves of my recent free time:
Garance Doré
The Sartorialist

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