Thursday, September 29, 2011

50 cent records from the library

Between studying over coffee in downtown Wheaton, finding a French film to see later tonight and skipping along to a meeting with the poetry editor of The Pub (a campus publication independent of Wheaton College) to go over a submission, I found some treasures at the library. I dearly love the Wheaton Public Library (four stories, beautiful sun-drenched reading room of quiet politeness), and one of the best things is the constant book sales they have! I bought some wonderful books today from a couple of different teen series that I love but cannot justify buying full priced (hardbacks too!)

Then, when I was about to extract myself from temptation, I saw the stacks and stacks of old records! And purchased 4, one for a friend and three beauties for me: "Sincerely Yours" sung by Robert Goulet, some Rachmaninoff, and "Shorthand Dictation for Building Speed: The Easy, Modern Way to Develop Shorthand Speed for Student and Secretary."

Robert Goulet is my new favorite singer, partly because of his melodious voice and partly because of his dreamboat cover photo, but mostly because of the bio on the back of the record: "As a first-rate singing star, young, handsomely virile Robert Goulet has fast become a name to reckon with in nearly every medium of entertainment . . . In this, his newest collection of romantic ballads, you hear the deep, warm, exciting voice of a dynamic singing personality. Bob fashions moods for a dozen unusually appealing songs, singing and signing them as only he can."


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