Monday, August 29, 2011

reading utopia

Wisdom from Sir Thomas More, the studied of my Renaissance Literature class:

"And with this deep thought they would take their seats, as though they had said the last word on the subject - implying, forsooth, that it would be a very dangerous matter if a man were found to be wiser in any point than his forefathers were. As a matter of fact, we quietly neglect the best examples they have left us; but if something better is proposed, we seize the excuse of reverence for times past and cling to it desperately. Such proud, obstinate, ridiculous judgments I have encountered many times . . ." (Utopia. 9)

I will have more quotes and commentary once I have read past the initial few pages, but I am greatly intrigued already by his clarity of insight and political conviction.

>>Photo: organizing my room continues to be an adventure in decorating styles.

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