Thursday, August 25, 2011

and so it has begun

The flowers that I pirated from the ditch of weeds behind our Science Building.
The view from the doorway.
Collage of photos and postcards on my desk board.
Beautiful windows!

I picked up my books, got my student ID, organized my shelves, put up pictures, and made it to all my classes yesterday, in addition to applying for (an getting an interview at!) the tickets office for campus events by the bookstore, a job I would prefer highly to night watch for the semester. There aren't any posters or pictures on our walls as of yet, as mine are still in storage at my aunt's house, but soon our walls will be as full as my bookshelves. I had International Politics (my professor has a darling if mildly distracting and very pronounced lisp) and Conversational French yesterday (professor from la Cote D'Ivoire) both of which I think will be great classes. Today is Renaissance Literature with one of my favorite English professors.

I walked into Wheaton yesterday afternoon through the muggy heat to browse the thrift store and read in the air-conditioned library. I bought some pistachio gelato to eat while I perused, and then made a trip to Whole Foods for Lundberg Family Farms rice cakes. Now when I skip breakfast I won't starve! So here are pictures of the dorm in its current state of affairs, partially obscured by the intense sunlight pouring in through our curtains. The sun rises each morning directly through our two windows, and we need to put sheets or something up behind the curtains to block the floodlighting at 7 am. But I love our high ceilings and the two windows overlooking the quad!

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