Saturday, August 13, 2011

camper quotes

Erica (1/2 grader): Have those pirate guys in that skit found the treasure yet?
Me: No, not yet!
Erica: WHAT the HELL?

Me: You are frozen like a statue! Where did you learn to be so still?
Quinn (1/2 grader): One time, in Morocco, there was a stillness contest, and I won 20 times in a row.

Me: (Judging a straight and quiet line contest between the 1/2, 3/4, and 5/6 graders) And 5/6 Wins!
3/4 Grader: Why have you betrayed us?

Dayna (1/2 Grader): I love you the best. You are like so beautiful. More beautiful than the boy in Karate Kid when he wins the championship.

5/6 boy during treasure hunt: There are the girls! I hope no one romances them, for that would take too long.


  1. Love them. You should write out a long list of them for your supervisor and to preserve the memories for yourself.

  2. We have a poster on the backdoor of the kitchen at Day Camp full of them!

  3. The original Karate Kid or the Remake?