Tuesday, May 31, 2011

la mode français

After ironing for four hours for my mother (one of the many wee jobs I am grateful for until a new occupation turns up) I sat on the floor in my room as it rained outside and flipped through the stacks of my old magazines. Primarily French and American VOGUEs, with a few ELLE, Harper's and Citizen K (French also) thrown in. The French ELLE I like much better than American, because it often enough includes political and current event pieces, art pieces, and crams so much content into one issue that you hardly notice the ads. (Although there are some very clever French fashion ads in circulation you don't see here.) And I like having men's fashion included in the French magazines, not only women's, because I rarely pay attention to men's fashion and it is interesting. If you can get your hands on a couple of French (or Italian) fashion magazines, see what you think about the contrast: better than American or worse?

I did find some new pictures to pin up on my expanding wall-collage above my desk within them. Thanks to Charline Pouet for mailing me the magazines from France. Bisous, coucou!

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