Sunday, March 20, 2011

new states

I have now seen Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, all states unparalleled in their barn numbers. It did bring a smile to my face to see the aluminum five-pointed stars hanging on clapboard barns and houses in Pennsylvania - a trend my mother and I noticed while visiting schools in Vermont, Rhode Island and upstate New York a few years ago. It was my hint that we were on the East Coast. Some homes even had the audacity to hang four or five stars on their outbuildings! What agrarian flair. It was a weekend of water polo and now homework: I have a paper on eight Romantic Era poems to finish and the ever-imposing French work as well. I spoke to my family this afternoon and thought longingly of the cherry blossoms that my mother claims are blooming rampantly at home. Still no green leaves here! Wishing I could put on a coat and run into Chicago to treat myself to dinner right now. It's back to work for me . . .

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