Tuesday, February 15, 2011

two warm days

Rocks and mud and last May's grass,
unbuttoned coats and floral dresses.

The first robins and melting snow,
pink skies and the last of winter's oranges.

February wishes she were beautiful -
today she is beautiful to me.

Today I went into town with my sweet, delightful, darling and artfully literary new friend Jessina. To find a new friend is a beautiful thing, to have one find you even better. We went straight into town after Old Testament (during which there was a fire alarm escapade resulting in a nice ten minutes outside) and I bought a giant light yellow glass jar, some sheet music with darling cover pages from the fifties, and a volume of poetry all for $6.93. Yesterday I picked up two books - This I Believe and Three Junes. The first I have read and enjoy, the second I read thirty pages of today and could go without. I do like the descriptions and scene set up in the first few pages, however, so perhaps I will just keep those and tack them to my bulletin board. Then she took me to tea at Suzette's Creperie which was beautiful. We sat by the window and just talked about poetry and Maine and California and loneliness and going home and how darling Williston Dorm is.

I am going to make a sheet music collage for my wall and think of what to fill my jar with this evening. There are roses and carnations in a jar on our windowsill from a valentine of Sarah Catherine, my roommate, and I think I need to start keeping at least a few fresh flowers in here from now on. They brighten up everything.

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