Tuesday, January 25, 2011

fashion post no.2

I finished all my homework and studied today, so I treated myself to browsing the couture collections for spring 2011. Chanel (top right) and Valentino (bottom two) both outdid their labels, and here are some of my very favorite looks. It was Christian Dior, however, (the olive gown top left) who won my never-before-given Best Spring Collection of The Year Sapphire Award (I had to add a precious jewel to make it sound legitimate). Bright colors, insane skirt volume, and fantastic details in 1950's Hollywood-goddess style make this collection one to look at for yourself, even if lurking through runway shots is not your normal past-time.

Plus, spring must be coming somewhere in the world in just a little while, and looking at all those rising hemlines and short sleeves is making me happy.

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