Saturday, January 29, 2011

Book Report

-------------------------the book cover---------------------------
-------------- i snapped this couple going for a spontaneous kisson lunch break in downtown Chicago. valancy would have cheered.--------------

I am reading, for perhaps the eighth or ninth time, The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery. It is enjoyable yet again, and ever shall be for its simple poesy, unexpected love, and sweet, true sentiment.

"Yesterday she had been all her own. Now she was this man's. . . Everything in her went out wholly to him. She had no wish to stifle or disown her love. She seemed to be his so absolutely that thought apart from him - thought in which he did not predominate - was an impossibility." pg 111

"Aunt Mildred thought the greatest happiness - for a woman - was to be 'a loving and beloved wife and mother.' Aunt Wellington thought it would be to travel to Europe. Olive thought it would be to be a great singer like Tetrazzini . . . Aunt Alberta remarked vaguely that the greatest happiness was to be found in 'the poetry of life' . . . Mrs. Frederick said the greatest happiness was to spend your life in loving service for others . . . 'The greatest happiness,' said Valancy suddenly and distinctly, 'is to sneeze when you want to.'" pg 59

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