Sunday, July 4, 2010

To get you up to date . . .

I arrived at La Guardia airport (pronounced, as I now know, "Lah Gwardia") and waited for an hour and a half for Mindy to come pick me up from Hoboken, as traffic was terrible that night. So I sat by myself in the airport by the doors, and tried not to get abducted by the scary people roaming around.

The Cookes have just moved into a first-floor (city-folk termed "garden apartment") three bedroom in Hoboken, NJ. It has high ceilings and a little back yard that the kids can play in, and is really nice. I was to get my own room, but it was not to be right when I arrived.

The first four nights I slept in the bottom bunk of Titus and Naomi's bunk bed with the two of them on the floor next to me, because their grandparents were there staying in the guest bedroom while Grandpa Gordy built shelves and cabinets for Mindy. This was terrible for me. Well, not exactly terrible, but I had no privacy, and even when I was "off" I wasn't really, because the kids were jumping on me in their room, as they had every right to be doing. Naomi woke me up at 6:30 or sooner each day, and I couldn't go anywhere to shut the door and cry.

BUT grandparents left Thursday morning and I settled into my very own room, small but perfect with a big window and a double bed that I can sprawl across and watch movies. Speaking of which, they have one of those crazy 400 disc DVD changers that is basically a video rental store, so I have plenty of movies to borrow. Yesterday was Bridget Jones's Diary, a quality film indeed. So I have my own room, and all this week we basically went to the park (down the block around the corner) the library (down the street around the corner) and the grocery store (two rights) in a continuous cycle. I baked, Titus and Naomi bickered, cried, and hit eachother, and all in all it was a successful start to my summer!

Actually, on Thursday we went to the Museum of Natural History and looked at all of the dinosaur skeletons they have (Titus is obsessed with dinosaurs). And then had lunch in Central Park. The museum was pretty cool, and the skeletons are pretty amazing. I'd never seen one up close, they are truly enormous. There was a prehistoric turtle hanging from the ceiling that five people could have easily ridden on.

Okay, tiddley-O, I am off to watch the fireworks on the river, with a view of Manhattan and two grumpy children. But it will be fun. I'll update you on my day today later on . . .
P.S. The pictures are of Titus and Naomi in the crafty outfits I made them out of duct tape and packaging wrap.

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