Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some Final Pictures and Final Notes

To sum up the summer and since I haven't posted any in a little while, here you go, some pictures! Mostly of my day today since it was all over NYC. The Museum of Natural History was great today, as was Central Park. I ended up sitting in the park for an hour or so listening to a country concert on the grass. About 200 people were listening to one guy with his guitar and a sound system and he was great! Sitting there in the sun just relaxing (it was the most beautiful its been all summer: 75 F and breezy) made me re-think not being able to live in New York. There are definitely some fun things to do in Manhattan, and today was one of my highlights. My frozen yoghurt was delicious: I got mango and chocolate with mochi, blueberries, granola and coconut on top. I took tons of pictures today, and am getting ready to go out to dinner with the whole family for my last night here, a very special treat and so nice of them. My first occasion to dress up since I've been here, too! I hope you've enjoyed the blog!

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