Wednesday, August 21, 2013

move-on-in (little philosophies)

Having now lived at the following addresses (not including moves from dorm to dorm to apartment at 501 College Ave):
14 Madrone Ave, CA
75 Park Ave, NY
501 College Ave, IL
St. Anne's Dorm, England
1044 Garner Ave, IL
207 Roosevelt Rd, IL
I have a bit of a system with the cleaning, packing, sorting, unpacking, stacking, sticking, shuffling and sighing that goes with moving all of one's material possessions from A to B. I have found that I must start earlier than is necessary, do one room or area at a time, and make a minimum number of things to get rid of and stick to it. But this is boring, everyone moves in their own way with their own system in order to manage the anxiety-panic-frustration of boxing a life away. Fortunately I have moved in with wonderful, wonderful people and have a cozy bed, two necessities for me. My other necessities being clean sheets, postcards and sketches and photographs stuck with tape to a wall, and piles of glass containers full of my pens and scissors and flowers and coins. 

I am back in the land of wi-fi, and will therefore be dedicated once again to typing up sweet nothings for these semi-creative posts.

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  1. Hurray! Welcome Back. Been missing your
    sketches, poems, philosophies, pics, and
    so much more.