Saturday, November 10, 2012

recipe update: vegetables edition II

La la la, it's Saturday! Here, finally, are some photos of my kitchen adventures.
 Hard-boiled eggs with crackers and olives (I am in an egg phase, clearly).
 The ENORMOUS apple I got in my CSA box.

Today's lunch was the red mustard greens with lemon and olive oil, pepper and a poached egg. It was simple and SO yummy. However, I am working on perfecting the poached egg (I wish I had a ladle). Any tips?
1. Red Mustard Greens, dash of olive oil, pepper, squeeze of lemon
2. Poached egg.
3. Stack and serve (with Spanish olives, bien sur).

I didn't photograph (as I was in a HUGE hurry) but I would highly recommend the kale-parsnip recipe I linked in the last post from Food & Wine. It was delicious, incredibly easy, and a really healthy dinner. Here are a few notes on what I did/ changed with the recipe:

Used shallots instead of scallions: delicious
Used kohlrabi instead of parsnips: also delicious
I kept the roasted kohlrabi and kale separate, and poached an egg to put on each serving of kale with pepper - very yummy and added protein to complete the meal

Also made parmesan toasts in the oven for a treat.

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