Monday, September 17, 2012

what makes a home

There are things in my vision, now,
that I will carry with me
through every home I make and discover.
That blue and white willow-pattern tea cup,
purchased for two pounds at a boot fair
in Canterbury. These two cotton quilts,
a little sun-faded, from Pottery Barn,
and the small one in the corner stitched
one Birthday by my grandmother's hands.
A book of Haiku, of Hafiz,
the large Ansel Adams print, black and white.
I am surrounded too, though,
by bits that will stay here. They will last
a year, maybe a month, through graduation.
Still lovely. Orange and pink leather
 Bhurmese slippers (thrifted)
a window full of mason jars and leaves,
funny old mugs, the paper star that lights
my walk home every evening
from our long apartment window. 

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