Tuesday, September 11, 2012

theological hour

Bienvenue to a new blog section! In my gradual effort to make this blog more organized into recognizable categories that each fit into a portion of what it is to be a well-rounded jeune-fille (young woman, for those who don't speak Frenglish) I am now adding a theological post. Obviously, the well-rounded jeune-fille thinks about these things. As do I. In case you got confused this summer (I did, too) the specific categories I have now are these:

Fashion (fashion post no.)
Philosophy/ Food for Thought (little philosophies)
Aesthetic (a few of my favorite things)
Art (sketch of the week)
and now . . . theological hour!

For those who like counting, that is seven bright shiny compartmentalized categories, as many categories as there are days of the week.

You know what this means.

The New Blog Project (or Blog Project Part IIIish)
One post per day, seven days a week, each day fulfilling one of the seven categories.

Why, you ask? Well, it makes for a well-rounded week!

And now, for Theological Hour. Called such because it makes this post sound like an AM radio roundtable discussion. Really, it will just be my ramblings and questions. For today, a list of questions regarding food and the nature of humanity.

First, a few declarative statements of belief-allegiance, for context of the following questions:
Our humanity is God-given, Imago Dei, and distinct from animals.
This distinction is practically found in our general sentient-ness, and also, as I will question as follows, our knack for preference.
So begins my initial question: What is it about humans and preference? I have mostly been thinking about this as it relates to food, which is a broad and easy place to start asking questions. This was all sparked by a dinner table conversation regarding dairy earlier this evening.

1) Should people eat dairy?
2) Why do people eat animal dairy but never create anything with people dairy? Breastmilk is the only human dairy biproduct, but we do so much with animal eggs and milk. What are the specific health benefits and why are they different?
3) What specifically differentiates human dietary need from, say, a dog's, and why do people's dietary needs vary so drastically?
4) Do dogs have taste preference or will they just eat everything?
5) Why do humans have lower senses of smell and hearing but higher sense of taste?
6) Does our dramatic and enormous development of diet as an art and practice say something about our intrinsic preference, and thereby our intrinsic Imago-Dei?
7) What?


  1. Wow, I like the variety and the ambition and the seven day idea AND all the questions. Human eggs are actually harvested and sometimes fertilized and used then for products such human growth hormone,which is ingested but not digested... so there is some dairy being used. I like all the questions. I like your blog. I PREFER IT.
    le petite maman

  2. there should be an "as" in the last comment after such and before human.