Thursday, September 13, 2012

sketch of the week

This is substituting for the normal "sketch of the week" post which has been rrrrrrrrgh missing practically for months. I still have to get on over to the MacEvans dormitory and use their scanner to get sketches from my various notebooks onto my email. One of these days.

Still, this is sort of a sketch of the week, as I did sketch (sharpie) these designs for this project.

Which was . . . embroidery!!!

I thrifted a big bag of new embroidery thread for a dollar fifty the other day, along with an oval embroidery hoop (so much easier a shape to work with than the circles!). I had the intention of embroidering crazy floral knee patches on a pair of raspberry-pink jeans I have, to evoke the BEST pair of jeans I have ever owned, a wildly embroidered and bleached pair purchased at Bik-Bok in Norway when I was fifteen. The pink top picture is the flowers en-route (now completed, and worn with many compliments yesterday). And the lower picture is a Mary Oliver quote that I am embroidering on a plain pillow cover for one of our couches. I just sketched the outline of what I wanted to embroider in a sharpie just a shade darker than the color of the fabric, and went to work!

I think I am going to embroider lots of philosophy on things around the apartment now. 

"And here are the pines, that will never fail, until death, the instruction to be green." Mary Oliver

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