Monday, September 24, 2012

recipe update: breakfast

Thus far this year I have been fairly successful at both going to bed early (ie before midnight, often before eleven) and getting up at a reasonable hour. I like to have a whole hour of time in the morning before I leave to walk or bicycle to class so I can make a yummy breakfast, linger over coffee in my slippers, peer out the window at our tree,* flop on the couch and sigh loudly, then get dressed, make my bed, listen to some Sufjan Stevens or Chuck Wagon Gang, brush my teeth, decide whether or not to wear makeup, change my outfit, cram my books in a backpack or bag, and fly out the door.

Breakfast, as it turns out, has been a wonderful success for me the last few weeks! I haven't really eaten breakfast regularly for two years, but decided that could change now that I have a kitchen and a regular sleep schedule. Discipline, I think they call this. 

So. Some days I have fresh scones, some days sliced hardboiled eggs with salt and pepper on wheat toast, other days tea and marmalade toast. But most of the time I make yogurt creations with the delicious, always-on-sale bizarro brand of Middle Eastern plain yogurt I buy at the Village Marketplace up President St. in Wheaton.  It is thick enough to be Greek-yogurt like but sooooo much cheaper. I buy about two containers a week, and use it with honey as ice cream on top of desserts I make, or as an afternoon snack, or as a thickener in curry, and especially for breakfast. In Oxford every morning with breakfast there was Greek yogurt with a choice of fruit syrups to put on top, like jams essentially, and I have carried over that tradition to my apartment, using Bon Maman jams (also always on sale at the Village Marketplace - I have 6 jars in my pantry). Then I peer in the cupboard to see what else looks good...

Here are a few of my favorite combinations, served on top of a bowl of plain yogurt:

Apricot preserves & toasted caramelized pecans
Blueberry jam & sliced plums
Peach jam & plain-oat granola
honey & strawberries & toasted almonds

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  1. When can I come to your place for breakfast? Sounds amazing.