Saturday, September 1, 2012

bonjour septembre

Mark Rothko, Red, Orange, Tan and Purple, 1949
The skies are dark and thick and ominous this morning, and it is supposed to rain and storm through Monday (danke schoen, hurricane Isaac). Still, I am off to the Art Institute for a little mental escape, planning to stand close to a few Rothkos, give Cy Twombly yet another interpretive go, and drink coffee from a fun cup in the cafe with a view of foot traffic.

Mostly, as we all know, I just love people watching there. I'll let you know who and what I see!

With September will come a settled pattern, more recipes (as I am cooking all of my own meals! woo hoo!) and more sketches of the week. Also, I realized I should probably get back to writing some little pieces and poetry to post, since this whole silly thing started as a literary effort.



  1. Speaking of rothko and recipes... Dad and I had a joke about Rothko paintings way back when we were first married. I like them, they are pleasing and easy on the eye, something about the color combinations works for me. Dad isn't so fond of them.
    Recipes: the vine in the garden is not a watermelon, it is a HUGE butternut squash. In a fit of curiousity, with shovel in hand, I sliced open the small one and aha!, a butternut squash. I will make butternut/apple soup with that squash and some of the granny smiths I picked from the tree. I have about 19, plus dad has been picking them from the tree to take from his lunches... the birds did not get all of them. Cheers to you. Miller Girl: #2

    1. Yum yum. I read all about Rothko the other day and am intrigued to go see some paintings now that I am more informed.