Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a few of my favorite things (southern california)

This simple suit from Anthropologie
These crazy-cool sunglasses from Miu Miu.
These spicy Thai green beans with crackle pork from Post in Manhattan Beach.
This California Republic hat (available in random stores all over California).

A few pictures from the last few days spent munching organic, locally grown food at delicious unique restaurants, lounging on the beach, daydreaming by the insane pool at Hearst Castle and visiting family to come. And while I do love Southern California - especially the water temperature - sitting on my deck in a clean robe with a cup of green tea, painting my toes and blogging here in NorCal is truly wonderful.

SoCal is tan. Tan, fit, beachy and full of smiles, but also not quite as happy as I think my favorite spots (Tahoe, Santa Cruz, Petaluma, Big Sur) in NorCal are. People seem a little more self-focused, a little more competitive, a little more wealth-conscious. Mais je ne sais pas, maybe c'est juste moi. Still, the beach was beautiful, and so was lying in my little sand-hollow natural loungechair under a wide-brimmed hat with a good book all weekend. Maybe you have to be a little self-focused to obtain a house on the beach-front down there, and a beach house in Manhattan would be pretty lovely.

I did tell my brother that if I lived there I would spend my life working 20 hour weeks as a barista to fund a tiny apartment and a life on the sand, being unable to stay away from salt and sunshine.

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