Saturday, July 14, 2012

why do you blog?

My father asked me this, I think at the beginning of this May.


 I like to think the blog is "for the well-rounded young lady" in that the posts are literature, fashion, sewing and cooking every once in a while, with a little philosophy and personal style thrown in. And I like to put in just enough details about where I am, what I ha been doing, for it to be uniquely written by me.

I try not to have my blog be a journal, or to write a post when I am upset at all because my blog is not my diary. I have no interest in reading personal narrative, grammatically varied posts of other peoples, so why would anyone read mine?

The blog started when I was a nanny in NYC a few summers ago as a pet project, and now . . .
I feel guilty when I don't blog for a few days! I think of it like a writing challenge, posting most days. I edit a little bit here, play with the layout or theme posts there. I often go back and fix grammar or flow in old blog posts, so the blog is a writing exercise in many ways.

Every once in a while I want to completely hone it down to one thing - illustrations, original poetry or creative writing, fashion - but my interests are too varied!

Sometimes I am pretty sure my whole audience of readers are friends of my grandmother and my mother, and that makes me smile.

So I blog for my writing, for my grandmother's friends, for the girls in my imagination who read my blog because they like my style, or think I am funny, or like to read and sew and cook and dress and think. I don't know if they will ever find it, like I find blogs and fall in love with them, but you did, so . . .



  1. I so glad that I have lots of friends
    and I am sure that you do, too - some of them because of your blog . . .
    Your grandmother

  2. I am glad for your friends, and you, that you read my blog and take part in my life! xo Tor