Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the summer of london

My staples for the summer, as always, are not necessarily what I initially plan when I pack. I have worn, constantly:
My striped 3/4 length cotton t-shirts
My black high-waisted pocket skirt
My baggy light blue and cream Ralph Lauren cotton cardigan
My navy button up with pockets

I probably could have packed only these things and a pair of jeans and been fine the whole trip - but who ever knows these things in advance? Eight weeks seemed like a long time when I was fitting it all in one suitcase.

It is hot hot hot here, on the news in fact, and there are people (me) swinging on a rope swing into the flooded river Isis in the evenings. All the rain and chill of the last few weeks have disappeared in a glare of sunshine. I even took a cold bath tonight to escape the mugginess of our third-floor dorm. But, thanks to the handiness at the way things work learned from my father, mother and brother, I figured out how to jimmy my window all the way open and finally have a breeze!


  1. Smart, beautiful, clever - as always

  2. Me likes the stripes. And you style-diva-that-you-are inspire me.