Tuesday, July 24, 2012

she walks in beauty: deviations

She walks in beauty, like the day
Of brightened spring and sunny skies;
And all that's best of March and May
Meet in the love-light 'hind her eyes:
Which, by her nature dance and play
And ill-conceal the mirth she hides.

If her hair were either more or less
the way it is, it would not light her face
the way it does, or frame the things she thinks
the way it can, and her thoughts
are sweetly deserving of framing.

Cheek, brow
soft, calm, eloquent
smile, tint, glow
days in goodness
spent at peace with all
heart, love, innocent.

I was reading the original poem "She Walks in Beauty" by George Gordon, Lord Byron, and it struck me that the poem could be customized, changed, and slanted in a million different ways. So verse 1 is just a re-wording and slightly shifting meaning with the same form of the original verse, verse 2 is a re-phrasing of the same meaning in the original verse, and verse 3 is merely the core nouns adjectives and chunks of phrase from the original verse.

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