Friday, July 27, 2012

mum and i at dover

Colette and Brookie at Dover Beach, 1982

Me at Dover Beach (with Caroline) 2012
Likely my last blog post from Oxford, or England (although generally when I type something like that I find loads of free wifi and post ten things a day from my itouch). Oh, second-to-last, I will post something on my journal in a little bit. Here are two lists, inspired by an email from my lovely aunt:

Things I love about England:
Clotted cream (even though I am now allergic to it)
English gardens
Cath Kidston
Wooly jumpers
The old wooden windows and glass everywhere
Bookstores, bookstores!
Well-dressed people of all sizes and ages
Beautiful leather shoes and wellies

Things I do not love about England:
The mattresses
The plumbing
Raisins in my scones
Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes
Uneven floors and walking surfaces
Crazy pedestrian traffic
Unpredictable weather
The curtains (last time I'll mention it - and I've even included a picture below so you can finally truly sympathize)

Cheers! Thanks for sticking with the blog through bad photo uploads, patchy wifi and a sometimes weary traveler!


  1. I can't wait to hear all about your amazing trip when you get back!!

  2. I actually learned to like raisins in my scones after being there (though I was adamantly opposed to them before). But yes, those curtains. Believe me, I sympathize.

    Can't wait to see/talk/catch up soon. xoxo