Sunday, July 1, 2012

clotted cream and butter scones

Really, who needs anything other than those things? Maybe a little jam and a little tea, too. All packed for a whirlwind next few days in Tintagel, Bath, Salisbury and Stonehenge, now that I am finally feeling settled in London. Bought a copy of Bonjour Tristesse  and Brideshead Revisited today at a secondhand bookshop so I would have some reading to do on the coach - very coming of age/angst/ finding identity in the uppercrust sort of classic novels, so we'll see what effect it has on me. Here are a few more shots from London: More coat-of-arms ceilings at Hampton Court, a hysterical history book, some serious brickwork, Patisserie Valerie where I use wifi along with my espresso, apple "pie" and custard for dessert this afternoon at the Lord John Russel pub around the corner.

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