Wednesday, July 11, 2012

and the rain came down

Off to class to talk about Samuel Coleridge (Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, etc) and then to try to stay awake until classes get out at 5:15 this evening. Good luck to me!

I survived Romanticism with my characteristic maturity - Coleridge is quite wonderful and someone had turned up the heat in the building that we hold classes in, so I did not fall into a frosty haze today.

I was led through a maze of pathways to the computer lab after class by a friend so that I could print my lengthy papers, struggled with the UK keyboard for a few moments, printed the papers, and then left to find my way back to the dorm. It had been bright and sunny all morning, but when I arrived at the door of the lab it was pouring in torrents outside. I had no umbrella, but did not think it was far or difficult a journey to my room.


There are codes for every door at St. Anne's, and I did not have the code to get out of the courtyard (or else the path that I came in on had disappeared) so after circling in confusion for a moment I left the outer gate in the downpour to walk along the back wall and come in through the back courtyard gate.


The code I had written down did not work for that gate, so I had to walk about a half a mile all the way around the outer perimeter of the neighborhood and college wall, back up the front street, and come in the front gate. No umbrella, but thankfully my papers were safe inside my waterproof bag because I was completely drenched through. My clothes are now drying all over my closet doors and curtain rod, and I am unsure if my blazer will ever recover.

Ah, British weather.

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  1. I hope you are warm and dry now. Sending some sunshine! mom