Saturday, June 2, 2012

weekend update

So this is what is new:

1) I have my passport and papers ready to go.

2) My cloths are strewn across my parents' bedroom along with suitcases and shoes.

3) I have a totally killer black and white gingham shirt on that I thrifted a few weeks ago and have decided to adore. It has balloon sleeves. If there was a gingham pirate convention, I could go.

4) I am making cardamon iced coffee to drink all weekend long (coffee + a cardamom pod + some condensed milk).

5) The beach here is beautiful, have gone several times this week and my freckles are going wild.

6) I am making a case for my new (our family's new -- but I am using for England) dinky and wonderful 11 inch  computer, out of an old Vera Bradley bag. Will update final product photos!

7) I am now the owner of a beautiful - nay luscious - beigey-brown leather satchel/handbag from Pacific Trading Company, thanks to my wonderful mother, that I will look like a million bucks. Or an intelligent, studious girl. With.

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