Monday, June 11, 2012

the view from starbucks

I biked downtown to run some errands and now am tucked in a corner of Starbucks with a latte (the last one I buy - $3.09. Everything has gone up 15 cents!)

I came in just behind two twelve year old boys, with summer buzz cuts and tans and skateboards, who pulled out a bunch of change and their best manners to buy bagels. Every question that the girl behind the counter asked the front-boy (the one who ordered everything) he then turned and repeated to his friend behind him before responding.

"Is this going to be for here or are you taking it and going?"
"Are we eating here?"
"Might as well."
"Yeah." Turns back to the counter. "For here, please."

They took their plates of bagels and butter and knives, and are now sitting at the table across from me discussing whether or not their friend Johnny went with them to Six Flags, carefully buttering their bagels. For some reason the little boys eating so nicely while out skateboarding in the heat of a summer afternoon was a visual that made me smile.

Bien alors, on the news front, we have permission to do Paris! The trip professors have a rule against leaving the Isle of Britain while on the trip, but - exception! - Peter successfully gained us permission.

Et puis, Paris and London in the same week . . . 

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