Wednesday, June 6, 2012

throwback post

I have posted, I think, one or two vintage pictures of my mother on here over the last few years, but here is the real throwback nod. My mom went on the trip I am now going on to England back in 1984, with one of the same professors that is going this summer. She scrummaged up her old Wheaton in England journal and notebook the other day (my mom has the cutest handwriting in the world) and it was beautiful and preppy-retro and so fun to flip through. So here are some pictures:
(love the expression on each student ID)

I, too, am going to Bath in July . . . but love this drawing/title

(Where I will be studying for four weeks!)

Mom and Brookie
I have this picture tucked into the back of my journal for the trip- taken at Dover.
In the journal: ""Space for meditation or metaphsysical thought or whatever."
My mother Colette is even cuter with her little journal doodles and layout than I am, and has inspired me to do some serious journal keeping (in addition to blogging) all summer abroad. Can't wait to start pasting in postcards!!!

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