Sunday, June 24, 2012

this little London walker

Hello from London, the steps by Embankment Place, to be precise, from which I can drink my coffee and rest my feet and eavesdrop. I am stealing wifi from the Starbucks across the street to blog from my iPod, as wifi is terrible many places. Went to church this morning at St. Paul's Cathedral, the sermon was from the Bishop of England. It was truly lovely, and the ceilings! Marvelous and inspiring. After a wee goggle around Trafalgar Square and the British museum with two other students I ran back to the hotel for my bright coral jens (it was too cold for a skirt) and socks and loafers so I could be comfy and go wander. Two hours later I am across the river from the London eye, a bit lost (I can Salesian just hop back on the tube to go home) but fed and happy. Walked by Rudyard Kilpling's home, admired the Westminster Justice Courts, trying to brainstorm something to keep me awake for another four hours. Cheers!


  1. Love you Tor! I can picture you just wandering in your setting soaking up the beauty and being completely content just strolling around. mmm love you!

  2. yay! so glad to hear all is going well. you + coral jeans + the westminster bridge = a pretty sight in my mind. xoxo

  3. From your mom, way to go, church at St Paul's. We had church at Red Trek, a bright sunny morning, thinking about you 8 hours ahead of us. A Blue Grass Band, The abbott brothers played last night by the drinks hut across from the kitchen hut and the three of us loved it. the stars showed themselves as the clouds dissipated and the night wore on and some of the littler children danced on the patio while we kept tune with our feet and clapping hands. Now we are back at home. m is on the comp next to me. I am on my comp. by the sewing machine. Where is my pink dish cloth sewing machine cover? DO YOU KNOW WHERE MALENAS NEW PATAGONIA FLEECE COULD BE? Smiling at the thought of you, hopefully asleep now. sending big love far away, receive it with open arms and gulp it down!

  4. Dunno where your dishcloth cover could be, dunno about Milly's fleece. xoxo