Thursday, June 7, 2012

mother-daughter wedding weekend

mother-daughter wedding weekend

Just finished Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, and I am sitting on my cozy bed in the room I am staying in, glad to have my feet off of my bike pedals and without any more reading (for tonight at least). 

Tomorrow after Shakespeare class (hence the reading) I am hauling a pile of literature and a the little red and blue leather duffel I stole from my mother on a road trip down to St. Louis for my friend Ellie's wedding. It seems as though all of my mother's good friends from Wheaton have daughters there now, many of whom I am friends with, but Ellie (daughter of mom's good friend Brookie, whom she went on Wheaton in England with in 1984) is my favorite at Wheaton.

And she is getting married! However, I haven't been to a wedding in a few years (several receptions, but no full-blown, day-of, rehearsal dinner, ceremony and cake and dancing weddings) and had a bit of a time deciding what to wear. 

I am sure I've read rules somewhere in an etiquette book (no black, no white, etc) but wedding attire protocol is tricky - how formal is formal? Evening weddings are usually the most formal (this is an evening wedding) but that can still range from cute dress and heels to black tie.

The above looks are essentially what was settled on - sleek linen shift for mom (with completely adorable satin and clear plastic kitten heel shoes - they sound strange but trust me. I'll post a picture.) And fifties-style print dress with heels for me. 

Anyway, dressing concerns aside, I have never been to St. Louis, and we are spending the whole weekend, so I am excited to poke my nose out from behind the books and explore a new city.

I'll let you know how it goes (and what everyone wore).

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