Saturday, June 30, 2012

hampton court, beheadings, etc.

I now possess a truly unique postcard of a photograph of the ghost of Katherine (Henry's first wife) wailing in the great room of Hampton Court. So.

Ventured to the Portobello Rd Market (I just blanked on the name of the market and had to google "types of mushrooms" to remember it) this afternoon and spent a few hours bouncing about in the sunshine between stalls and crowds, peering at thousands of pieces of antique jewelry, asking the prices on a few truly fabulous but excessive things (vintage Prada bag - 275 pounds but sooooo beautiful. I thought the swanky Moroccan man behind the stall was going to kill me when I handled it for so long and didn't buy it, but the leather was so thick and so soft!) and munching on a Belgian waffle with ice cream.

I did find a beautiful and unique art deco lapis lazuli and sterling silver ring, a bit large for my usually ring taste but a nice change from all my sparkly little ones. I kept seeing things I wanted to buy for people - a vintage Gucci leather satchel for my brother, a beautiful old Canon camera for my dad, but reminded myself that suitcase space is limited and my arms are only so strong.

Tomorrow is the last day in London. I plan on sleeping in, getting breakfast on my way to church at St. Paul's and then meeting up with a friend to walk in Regent's Park. 

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