Friday, June 15, 2012

fashion post no. 11 (the boxer)

fashion post no. 11 (the boxer)

My mother, my sister and I all really love a good crisp cotton boxer short. For over-swimwear, for pajamas, the prints are cuter than anything you see in women's PJ or short prints, and we were raised with a devotion to 100% cotton.  So I have been trying to figure out if I can make the fashion leap from pajamas to daywear, something my mother rocked with a pair of blue-and-white stripe boxers, a crisp men's button up, and penny loafers in college.

It is so hot here now that trousers aren't practical (I really don't love wearing shorts in general, see fashion post no. 9) and I am trying to figure out how to make summerwear more fun than khaki shorts and a t-shirt. Plus I only packed two dresses. Really, boxers are a far more practical option than the printed silk hotpant shorts that are all over VOGUE and pinterest.

So, adventurous me, following in my mother's footsteps, will endeavor to iron a pair of boxers tonight and wear them in humid Chicago tomorrow with loafers and a button up. Scandalous? Ridiculous? Preppy? We shall see . . . 

(Ok, so clearly it is the end of the week and my brain is woozy from Romantic and Arthurian literature and quizzes. At some point the post content quality shall be raised . . .)


  1. You will find them to be cool and delightful and less leg-alicous, for the modest observers due to no tightness or squeezing and an appropriate length. Love them poem on the previous post, and absolutely agree with it... pretty good for a studiously sucked out brain.
    Call me from Shelly's if your phone is dead. xoxo feeling fine about raising you with a love for 100% cotton.
    yo momma

  2. Phone not dead, I will call after dinner! I am earning a little $$ cutting hair this afternoon - Dr. Ryken is requiring a "Neonazi" haircut for the boys.

    Man doesn't feel the need to be politically correct, but very pressing is the issue of hygiene.