Wednesday, May 30, 2012

seberg vs. williams: the french connection

Since I haven't done any sort of post on film in the longest time, and was noticing a trend in the type of haircuts I was pinning on pinterest:

The two film stars whose style and look most capture my fancy (being prone to extremely short hair myself) look actually quite considerably alike. And so, perhaps does Carey Mulligan with her little bleached blonde pixie the other year. It's something in the dark brows, close-cropped fringe, swoop of eyeliner and little noses that make them look gamine and darling and innocent and sexy all at the same time. Whew! Anyway, I think both Michelle Williams and Jean Seberg have a look to die for and have this way about them in their films that is well worth watching.

The film to watch with Jean Seberg (the most darling little French actress whose look I just adore) is the 1958 Bonjour Tristesse (also starring Deborah Kerr), or perhaps In The French Style, which I will watch sometime this week and report back on.

Michelle Williams in Me Without You or, actually (quelle surprise! I am not the biggest Marilyn fan, but am apparently quite alright with Marilyn Monroe as played by another actress . . .) My Week With Marilyn. I was enthralled watching it.

Is posting about actresses and movies too terrible, blase or triste? If so, I apologize and will never do it again . . . but I do love these pictures.

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