Sunday, April 15, 2012

a little style revamp

So, after much petering and tinkering around with fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc - I have committed to this current layout for the blog (that is, as much as you commit to any layout on anything on the internet). I very much wanted the background print to work out, but inevitably there were days where my mood didn't match the fresh, bright snail doodles or the blue and white palm print. And I think I have found the perfect title font! Plus the graphic - a cut-out from a swatch of fabulous Celia Birtwell fabric - is just the unique touch I needed. White on White with navy & gray text and voila! I feel like it is fresh and simple and unique. Glad I finally got there after two years (wow!) of blogging.

I also added a few new links on the right column of fun blogs I've discovered here and there. I find my favorite blogs are, a bit like my own, a conglomeration of fashion and design and decorating and crafts and food and places. Bliss is fast becoming a new favorite. And here is a little Claire Denamur, whom I cannot stop listening to - she has such a sweet, raspy, rich French voice.

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