Monday, April 9, 2012

the little basket that could

Have I shown you pictures of my new bike basket? Non? I got it a few weeks ago and already it has carried its weight in gold - thrifted treasures and flowers picked along trails and my sweaters and backpacks and lunches. Plus it adds a little pizzazz to my trail bike, being wicker made in Nantucket and all.

On the bicycle note, my chain (I think it is my chain) has been making a sound exactly like popping popcorn for the last week. I messed with it a bit and it was fixed for one bike ride, but even though I have cleaned it and put it back and it winds smoothly I cannot figure out why it makes that noise. I should get one of my bike-savvy friends to help me, but unfortunately the only one who would really know I have alienated because I told him off for trying to take over putting the chain back on when I cleaned it last month - which I was fully capable of doing. Oops.

It is so windy today that when I walked from the main student center to my dorm carrying an iced coffee, the wind made my straw whistle! I felt like Ernest Shackleton. Alright, not quite.

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