Friday, April 6, 2012

la bicicletta, souls, etc

Good Friday to you.

Ohio is sunshiney and a bit brisk, hillier by far than Illinois. I checked my email this morning to find that I was not accepted onto College Union, the campus student organisation that plans school functions and events for students. Quelle tristesse! Especially since who is more lively, vivacious, creative and enthusiastic for sociality than I?

Never mind. I shall give up on campus organisations and devote myself to more literary aspirations. Here is a piece of a poem I am working on at present, in fact:

Give me something strong to hold on to,
Let’s you and I speak about this firm foundation
And I will ask the questions,
And unlike Job I will likely be infinitely disrespectful
Was I there when you set the boundaries for the sea and said
This far you may reach and no further? No and 
Still, I don’t speak in tongues of men and angels,
Can only babble a confused liturgy of sighs
And you will have to understand me –
I have no other.
And my own thin soul, strung tenuously
Between invisible fingers
Struggles on, trembling.

Above are some photographs taken on film by the lovely and talented Heather Kaufmann of a few of the bicycling adventures we've undertaken recently. I loved them so much I had to share them. Check out more of Heather's lovely photography here on tumblr.

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