Tuesday, April 24, 2012

back to the basics

back to the basics
I don't know why it is that I so love dresses that are essentially just short and wide rectangles of fabric, but it really is my favorite look - with tights in winter and breezy bare legs in summer. Perhaps it is because I am so short-waisted and thereby have a difficult time finding a dress that has a waist at just the right place and fit, or perhaps it is because I just don't like wearing tight things. Regardless, the thing to be wearing as a student right now, of either sex but especially for girls, is little oxford lace up shoes in just about every color and make. Sadly, I did own a pair of darling gray suede oxfords the summer after high school but had to return them do to extreme heel blisters. 

But I need to find a dependable pair of leather shoes to run around England in, and now I must decide: do I like the oxfords or loafers better? Both look cute with the sack dresses I wear almost daily . . .

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