Tuesday, February 7, 2012

where are you going?

It is snowing/sleeting steadily outside the office and I have just typed research paper proposals for my Realism-Modernism lit class (Native American spirituality, racism, and feminism in different literature are my three topics -- trendy and controversial, oooooh). Kate Chopin, Mark Twain and Zitkala Sa are the authors in question, and I know I won't be doing the feminism one, as I always seem to get into trouble with feminist criticism.

I've been reading maps and searching for information and finding train schedules for this summer, which seems so close and yet so far away, and I need to get a head start on my valentines because before I know it this week will be over (I hope).

There is a joke of the week at work on the front desk counter, appalling jokes, but here is this weeks':

Who keeps the ocean clean?*

Anyway, finally getting round to bringing in the post title: I am re-challenging myself to travel. True, I am going to London for the summer, but I only have a year left of school and then I want to be able to roam free! I always want to, but I haven't saved up to go anywhere truly since I was 14 and went to Paris on my own dollar avec Maman. Because I always want that eyeliner, or this coat, or to go to dinner with those friends. No more! I am going to now think of all expenses in terms of plane ticket purchases and train rides and ferries. The sole of thriftiness and  self-control, that shall be me.

Snaps my father took in San Francisco this past June (one of my very favorite cities - I think there is always an attachment with the 'big city' that you go to as a child for important events. All growing up San Francisco was for Christmastime weekends, and window shopping, and new leather shoes, and my favorite restaurants . . . and fog). 

Quote from Cecil Beaton via Pinterest.

*A mermaid. Ouch.

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