Monday, February 13, 2012

for your valentine

by Langston Hughes.

Another absolutely darling idea for homemade valentine cards is here. Tea time valentines! How adorable.

Personally, I have bought myself chocolate and beautiful orange tulips, because I shall be my own valentine. I am posting a whole bunch of cards that I collaged for friends tomorrow, and wearing red red lipstick and feeling relieved (honestly and truly)  that I don't have to join my group of friends stressing about their boyfriends this Valentine's day.

It is after all a day of love, and I love me enough to get me nice presents. Voila! 


  1. Good girl! I'm glad you got yourself orange tulips and chocolate. Especially since your very own mother did not get her act together to have something special for her sweet ready to arrive on Valentines day. xo cjs

  2. aww Love you mama. there is a valentine for ya in the mail!