Thursday, January 26, 2012

some winter dressing

"What the world needs is a return to sweetness and decency in the souls of its young men and women." - Audrey Hepburn, Roman Holiday

I don't know if you've ever run on over to 36 Shea to look at the beautiful knits and home accessories, but that's where the above sweater is from. I love the color, the cut - I think it might be the first sweater I ever knit.

On an opposite end of winter trends, the coat is from (I suspect originally from The Sartorialist, but mislabeled, as he photographs that girl often - she has great style and a striking face).

And what do you think about all the ruckus about SOPA and PIPA? I haven't done enough research to formulate an opinion, and while my initial instinct is "SAVE ALL THE INTERNET! SAVE IT ALL!" I would like to believe that it's more complicated than that. In fact, while I do use Wikipedia every once and a while to look up a term or historical figure, it concerns me that my children (well, not mine personally, obviously, but the next generation) won't know how to use a paper dictionary. And I am all about not having copyrights infringed (note how I have improved upon citing my sources specifically). I do want to keep pinterest, however. Hmmmm. Are we becoming China or legitimately protecting publishing rights with these bills?

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  1. Hi Torunn,
    Thank you so much for posting about my sweater :)
    I'm very flattered and I do recommend knitting it!